Gothic II Dragon

Dragons are ancient beasts created by Beliar, with an almost demigod status. Once there were thousands of them, but they slowly dissapeared due to age, natural disasters or infighting, to the point that they became little more than a legend in public opinion. However, they reappeared in the human world, leading armies of darkness composed of undead, lizardmen and orcs, swiftly destroying any chance of completion Lord Hagen's mission to the island had. Also, some of them appeared in Myrtana itself to spread chaos.

A dragon is a very dangerous creature, capable of quickly regenerating its health, as well as possessing immense magical capabilities (due to their relation to Beliar), strength and presence in addittion to their intelligence. A human can attempt to talk to a dragon, but he better have the Eye of Innos or be tasty and prepared for a quick death. The dragons that appeared after the Sleeper's banishment were led by Finkregh. The dragons under his command were Pedrakhan, Pandrodor, Feomathar and Feodaron.