Schnaubende Kreatur

Gothic II Dragon Snapper

Dragon snappers are one of the most terrifying creatures in Myrtana. This reptile is a perfect killing machine with ability to run fast, jump far and strike hard. Their appearance truly does remind you of real dragons which are, of course, far bigger than dragon snappers. Their body structure is in many ways similar to the common snapper, but they do have some unique characteristics. For example, they have sharp horns on top of their heads, and bigger claws on their legs. Like common snappers, dragon snappers also have only back legs, which are consecutively, very strong. A dragon snapper's body is usually coloured dark brown, its horns are a dirty yellow.

We can find dragon snappers almost everywhere - from rocky mountains to grassy pastures, usually in groups of three to five, although some roques are not excluded. They eat whatever comes on their way, mostly scavengers, wolves and sheep.

These reptiles attack with their big and sharp teeth. Their huge advantage is the velocity, with which they first surprise their victim, and second, often deal a final blow with just their first hit. Because of their incredible strength and speed they are one of the toughest opponents in the Gothic universe. An unexperienced fighter should therefore consider running before the dragon snapper catches a sight of him, because after that it will probably be too late for running.