Gothic II Lurker

Lurkers are creatures that live on the river banks. You will rarely find lurkers anywhere else, except perhaps near a lake. These two places offer the lurkers everything they need: food, water and shelter. Their appereance is a bit strange, because of their long, slim bodies and small heads. Their legs are long and strong, which allows them to swim faster, although they do have a few problems with crawling on the ground. They are usually green-coloured with blurs of gray and brown. Unlike most of the other creatures, lurkers can swim better than they walk. This is considered an advantage, as they can hunt their prey even when they're in the water. These reptiles usually eat herbs, but they don't hesitate when it comes to meat either. They can be found in groups of one or in a pack of six. Lurkers mostly attack when there's an uninvited guest that enters their territory. They attack with their front legs, using quick but not so powerful blows. Lurkers are proportionally easy to kill, although an unskilled fighter should use an attack-step back action against them.

Hunters can get claws and skin from them.