Rhobar II was the king of Myrtana that managed to unite the kingdom and waged a war with the orcs, which took a catastrophic turn when Khorinis Island fell.
Rhobar II

Rhobar II, King of Myrtana

Rhobar II was Innos representative.

Character OverviewEdit

Rhobar was an ingenious king - under his rule, Myrtana flourished and prospered and all enemies of the kingdom have been defeated and conquered.

However, one did not perish. The Orcs.

The war with them drew out and the army needs were becoming greater and greater. Rhobar then ordered the creation of the Barrier, that would keep the convicts mining magic ore confined within the Valley of Mines. However, the delicate structure of the spell was interrupted and the Barrier extended far farther than anyone could predict.

The convicts used the guards' confusion to their advantage and in a bloody coup took control of the Penal Colony. The King was forced to negotiate and estabilished a trade system with the prisoners - in return for goods, they would give him magic ore. For ten years the system was working, until a new convict managed to change the course of history, forever.

The destruction of the Barrier and subsequent stopping of ore supply to the royal armories was a hit to the war effort. Troubled, the king ordered his most trusted man, Lord Hagen to secure the supply routes once again, and gave him Esmeralda, his last remaining merchantman, as Innos himself appeared to the king and told him that salvation shall come aboard a ship.

Unfortunately, Lord Hagen's mission failed, and one by one, Myrtana's cities fell. When finally Orcs besieged Vengard, in order to buy time, Rhobar ordered the creation of a second Barrier around the city, this time, impassable. This stopped the Orc progress, as their numbers were now extremely limited, but also made any contact with the exterior impossible.

King Rhobar would then await the coming of the saviour, the chosen one that will liberate Vengard and save Myrtana.