Krushak, known as Sleeper by his human worshipers, was an ancient Orc demon summoned by five orc shamans in primeval times.

Krushak was summoned straight from Beliar's dark realm and was one of the most powerful supernatural beings in the world. He moved on four legs, had two powerful arms ending in single claws and a large head, protected by a metal helmet, the symbol of Beliar.

He was responsible for warping the delicate structure of the ritual that was performed to establish the Barrier and his banishment from Adanos' realm has destroyed his harmful influence and the Barrier's power source.

Some people believe that Krushak's soul was reincarnated into the soul stone carried by the Undead Dragon. This is very likely because the servants of the Undead Dragon were the Novices of the Swamp Camp mutated into Seekers.

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