Gothic II Snapper

Snappers are raptor-like creatures. Their scales are usually brown or black. Its particularity is that they don't have any front legs - or paws. Instead, their back legs are that much stronger, allowing them to attack ferociously and run very fast. They attack with speed, grabbing their prey with their big sharp teeth. Snappers can be found on the edges of the forests, grassy pastures and mountainous places with rocky ground. Their major advantage agains their opponents is that they hunt in packs. Snappers can always be found in packs of three to five. If one of them is attacked, the others will help him or her, so the chances of retreat are minimum. They eat whatever they can hunt. You can find sheep, scavengers and even small wolves on their menu. Another variation of snappers are dragon snappers - they have horns, which experienced hunters can collect.